Conservas Sotavento: canned craft with proximity fish

In a sector like the canner, traditionally run by men, there is a small family business run only by women

The dangers of USB are real, but this Galician company can...

The authUSB company reinforces the protection against the risks of external storage devices, which can generate serious problems

Virtual reality that helps overcome phobias

Three young entrepreneurs from Pontevedra town has launched PsicoVR, a project that is based on virtual worlds to deal with situations of stress, panic and fear

Atomic Precision To Lift Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia Towers

The company from Lugo PCM has been supplying stone blocks to the Barcelona temple for over 15 years

From a Cell Phone to a PC Safely

Ancora I / O technology incorporated into mobile applications to interact with them from others

3edata, Top Local Data Stripping

A spin-off born and bred off the Lugo campus is committed to data analysis and to offer different data services

Creative Designs Devised by Children

Mr. Broc uses new technologies to turn children's ideas into personalized gifts

Galicia in the CERN

GCiencia visits the galician scientists of CERN, in Geneva (Switzerland)

Investigation with a focus on patients

The PRIS program, developed by the Agency of Knowledge in Health (ACIS), aims to identify the research carried out in Galician hospitals

Pontevedra, An Award Winning City

The city model with responsible mobility makes Pontevedra worthy of a plethora of international awards