Pontevedra, An Award Winning City

The urban design of the city of Pontevedra has been acknowledged and awarded by international people of renown in the field and for the city structural work, which has an urban quality to it such as accessibility, road safety, child free areas, national treasures restoration works, enhancement of the habitat and environment, etc. Proof of this are the countless awards scooped by Pontevedra such as,

Stone City Award  (2006): Galician Granite Cutters Association.

Spanish Committee For The Disabled and Physically Challenged Award  (2007)

National Galician Culture Award  (2008): conferred by  Xunta de Galicia.

Road Safety Festival Award (2010).

Cities 2nd Meet-Up for Sustainable Mobility and Road safety Award (2011).

Pontevedra, Friend City of Infants Award (2012): conferred by the foundation of children who support infancy.

Intermodes Award (2013): conferred by Brussels and the Intermodes European Agency.

UN Hábitat Award (2014): conferred in Dubai by the UN.

Center Active Design Excellence Award (2015) : conferred in Nueva York by this institution linked to the Michael Bloomberg  Foundation .

Euro-China City of Intelligent Mobility Award (2015).


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