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Torusware: how to turn data into the ‘treasure’ of organizations

The company, a spin-off born in a research group at the University of Coruña, consolidates its career with the National Computer Prize

Molecular test made in Lugo that will detect SARS-CoV-2 in 30 minutes

The AMSlab group is developing a device that would greatly reduce the molecular diagnosis times of the coronavirus

The map to measure the risk of sprouts of Covid-19 in Galicia

A project of the University of Santiago de Compostela gets the support of the Galician Innovation Agency to prepare a cartography of SARS-CoV-2

Dairylac: how to enrich dairy products and bet on the circular economy

The Galician company transforms raw materials and researches to obtain bioplastics from the by-products of this industry

The Agrobiotech Fest brings together 200 companies and knowledge centers in Ourense

The third edition of the event, with a renewed format, will bring together representatives from the textile, agri-food or biomedical sectors

Inprotech: Galician’s cyberspace keepers

This company from Vigo, selected as one of the 10 best cybersecurity initiatives from Spain, is working on a new product to improve company's protection

Generadron: express radiographs from the air for wind farms

The Galician company Aeromedia develops a system to photograph and check the condition of windmills' blades with no need to stop

Lupeon, flying high in 3D from Galicia

After six years of work, this company from Ordes jumps to aeronautical sector and industry thanks to BFAero accelerator

The dangers of USB are real, but this Galician company can protect you

The authUSB company reinforces the protection against the risks of external storage devices, which can generate serious problems

Galicia’s Space Adventure

The company Alén Space, born in the University of Vigo 10 years ago, will launch this month its new satellite, the Lume-1, from the Vostochny cosmodrome
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