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Virtual reality that helps overcome phobias

Three young entrepreneurs from Pontevedra town has launched PsicoVR, a project that is based on virtual worlds to deal with situations of stress, panic and fear

Electronic Tongues To Analyze Food

Three young Galicians create sense (z), a project that detects possible allergens, contaminants and pathogens in food through sensors

Internet of things to avoid milk and water future losses

The economic losses caused by leaks, electrical breakdowns and other unexpected obstacles are a day-to-day headache for many businessmen and public administrations. From the...

The light that saves lives on the road

Netun Solutions has developed help-flash, a portable light that can be activated without getting off the vehicle, which has sold over 100,000 units

ITFAB: The factory of unique items aided by revolutionary 3D technologies

Four young Galician have promoted from the School of Industrial Design of Ferrol a project, which offers unique items in 3D

Send2me: the smart mailbox that picks up packages for you

Three Galician entrepreneurs have created an innovative device, which makes home delivery safe and easy when placing an order online

AFFINImeter: Galician Technology Aims at Avant-Garde Pharmaceuticals

The company, born at the university of Santiago de Compostela, develops software to help pharmaceutical researchers discover new products

Galicia in the CERN

GCiencia visits the galician scientists of CERN, in Geneva (Switzerland)

Senseitrade, A Stock Market Networking Benchmark Conceived in Galicia

The application developed by this company analyzes the messages on the internet to predict when is the best time to buy or sell shares in the stock market

Qubiotech: Neurotechnology is Best Patient Care

A company from Coruña provides diagnosis of diseases thanks to a new system of image treatment
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