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Internet of things to avoid milk and water future losses

The economic losses caused by leaks, electrical breakdowns and other unexpected obstacles are a day-to-day headache for many businessmen and public administrations. From the farmer who has to flush gallon after gallon of milk down the drain due to refrigeration problems, even the City Councils who see how their neighbors are suddenly left without any water supply due to power cuts or outtages.

In Galicia there are those who have already solved part of these problems thanks to Data Monitoring, a company that uses what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), as a management tool, which is a paramount countermeasure.


The germ of Data Monitoring, promoted by Gonzalo Abuín, Germán Feijoo and Germán Corral, started a few years ago. Two of the partners had spent time researching the IoT, testing various microcontrollers, programs and tools. From that several prototypes came along; among them, one that allowed them to control the moist and temperature of a cold room through a Wi-Fi network.

It all started when they helped manage a dairy farm in Lugo. So forth, they developed the Datalact prototype to manage dairy farms. And with the arrival of the director of operations, César González, the germ project expanded its horizons. He would be joined later by Luis Espinoza, senior programmer.

“We had a meeting with one of the town mayor, and we told him what we were achieving within the dairy sector, he loved the idea, and he asked us if we would be able to control water levels in consumption tanks.” And so the second device, Datawater, was born, with which at the same time what was baptized as Data Monitoring was born. At present, the company also offers services to the refrigeration sector.

Today there have almost over 30 clients in Galicia and they are already preparing their expansion 

Today there have almost over 30 clients in Galicia, between the livestock sector and the municipalities. And they are already preparing their expansion so as to market the product in other areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

Since the company took its first baby steps, there have been several initiatives that have made their effort worthwhile. Data Monitoring was one of the 16 chosen in the fifth edition of ViaGalicia, an accelerator driven by the Free Zone of Vigo and Xunta de Galicia in Spain.

Likewise, Data Monitoring has also been an active participant in an Operative Group of the Xunta de Galicia, through the Consellería de Medio Rural.


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