Emsamble, custom made homes are here

Innovation reaches all corners of activity, even the most traditional ones. Emsamble, a company from A Coruña, began operating a little more than a year ago but its offer of custom made homes for private homes and companies is a good example of the changes have also reached one of the major traditional economic sectors and the future will be very different from what some could even imagine. The possibility that the dream design for a home or office will come true in record time is here thanks to a new type of intelligent modular architecture.

The client is involved in the design of the building from the start

Although the project has become a reality a short time ago, they came up with the idea ten years ago, according to the director and founding partner of Emsamble, Sergio Sampedro, to suit the needs of customers who demanded a new more efficient building construction system.


“We took as an example the automotive industry and began to design a more sustainable building system that allows us to cut down on building deadlines, in addition to being much more flexible for the client”, explains Sampedro, who also highlights that this new system of Industrialized construction also has the benefit of redesigning the buildings´ purpose and uses and even how to relocate them in the future elsewhere.

The client is involved in the design of the building from the start, since the clients´ ideas are paramount. In Emsamble, they have the necessary tools to make a detailed design in 3-D where one can see even the electric outlets of the house or property that will be designed and built.

Emsamble constrúe vivendas en tempo récord.
Emsamble constrúe vivendas en tempo récord.

When the design is finished, a sophisticated software allows all manufacturing data to be sent to the workshop at As Pontes where, using robotics and virtual reality techniques, all the elements that make up the building are manufactured. Once manufactured, they are moved to the place where the structure will be built and a small team can work on site and build the structure or home within a period of two to four working days. Saving time and costs is considerable. The final price may be 25% lower than that of a conventional structure, home or similar.

Emsamble has entered the accelerator of the ViaGalicia program in its latest edition and this has been helping them develop faster and better their business plan.


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