Monday 4 March 2024

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Galician technology to make waste plants more efficient and competitive

Humara's software will be released in September to optimise the creation and design of such installations

Moonoff, the company that lights the majority of Galician city councils

The company from Santiago de Compostela was founded in 2012 by a group of electronics experts who decided to bet on LED lights

These are the sweets of the future: sugar-free, allergen-free and with 100% Galician

The company Mininolas produces candies with 40% fewer calories and sweet-tasting vitamin supplements

Veterinary 4.0 for a milk of 10

A veterinary company from Boqueixón pulls R&D to monitor animal welfare on farms as a guarantee of the food quality of milk

ODS-Protein, moving towards the food of the future

Innovation in the food sector has a wide horizon for growth and the start-up from Vigo ODS-Protein is developing a project focused on enriching...

3eData, new technologies to obtain complete information about the territory

The start-up from Lugo takes advantage of drones and Big Data in the design of new tools for the agroforestry sector

Polyurea foams to improve energy efficiency

A company from Bande devises and assembles its own machinery to project polyurethanes and polyurea with countless applications in construction

Life jacket with interactive communication and integrated GPS

A company from Vigo is finalising the development of 'Vestar', the first integral product designed to improve safety and rescue in water sports

Nigal, mathematical solutions for the Galician 4.0 industry

Returned Galician researchers launch a start-up with exponential growth in two years

High-precision timing for steel athletes

The incorporation of high-precision technologies to the sport has allowed ChampionChip Norte to offer the most precise timing with MyLaps

Asuque, sum of talent to take advantage of food waste

Chef Javier Olleros participates in a project that is committed to collaboration between professionals from different sectors

Hermes Smart Control, innovative logistics for the industrial sector

The BFAuto (Business Factory Auto) accelerator, promoted by the Xunta through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (Igape) together...

PhotoIlike, the artificial intelligence that helps to sell

Applying artificial intelligence to create more attractive ads is the core of PhotoIlike's business, a spin-off company that was born within the Citic (Research...

Galician researchers design a vaccine against Covid-19 in yeasts

The team is headed by USC Professor of Parasitology José Manuel Leiro and UDC Professor of Biology María Isabel González Siso

Legalmit, a software for integrated telework management

Leticia and María Seara founded the company in 2018 with the aim of integrating all the communication and management resources of their clients in a single tool

FREEdron, a multiple cartography of Galicia

The cartographic data capture device of the Lugo company is a bet for the future in the field of geospatial technology applied to the Galician territory