Monday 27 May 2024

Polyurea foams to improve energy efficiency

A company from Bande devises and assembles its own machinery to project polyurethanes and polyurea with countless applications in construction

It has been more than 20 years since Celtipol specialized in insulation and waterproofing. The sum of knowledge and experience, the know-how pushed them to devise their own machine in Ourense, which they assemble and export, fundamentally, to Portugal.

This small company based in Bande, 42 kilometers south of the city of Burgas, works with the projection of polyurethanes and polyureas. Different polymers with countless applications and that in this case have focused on the construction sector, applying it to the sealing of homes for greater energy efficiency, but also in swimming pools, terraces, garages, sports floors, roofs, warehouses and even slaughterhouses. and within the automotive and naval sector.


What is special about polyurea? It is elastic, flexible, waterproof, resistant with high adherence and easy to clean. In addition, they insist, it is not harmful to the environment. An ideal cocktail that explains its high demand and the versatility of its utilities due to its profitability in relation to its cost. Rigid polyurethane, for its part, is the most efficient and durable thermal insulation material due to its low thermal conductivity, it is the ideal insulation for industrial installations.

The machines for applying the polyurethane and polyurea foams produced by this Ourense company with half a dozen employees serve, fundamentally, to fill and seal gaps, assemble windows and doors and also as thermal and acoustic insulation.

“The polyurea is elastic, flexible, waterproof, resistant with high adherence and easy to clean. In addition, it is not harmful to the environment”

“We are dedicated, above all, to the assembly and assembly of our own machinery to apply the foams. We have designed and manufactured it ourselves. We export almost everything to Portugal and right now we have a very high demand”, company sources explain. They take advantage of some machines manufactured in Bande “with the best quality materials and an after-sales service that is the key to the smooth running of the company”.

Spraying equipment

The application of the polymers is carried out with pneumatic, hydraulic equipment or with a gun and transfer pumps at 75 degrees and manufacturing a continuous membrane that dries in less than 20 seconds, they explain.

The spraying equipment that Celtipol has devised for spraying and pouring polyurethane, which is giving them so much satisfaction, was designed as a small, light and robust vacuum cleaner, mounted on wheels to move it easily. It allows it to be handled by a single person on site and is accessible for small spaces and both the temperature and the pressure are adjustable. 

The machine is powered by vertical piston pumps with ball valves while temperature sensors send a real-time signal to the controller to keep chemicals at the desired temperature, preventing cavitation, idling or incomplete mixing.

Part of its success lies in adapting the product to the needs of each project so that the technical office adapts the machinery to different work scenarios. Twenty years of advantage in the application of these foams translate into a company that is already capable of offering a very approximate calculation of the best materials to use in each intervention and the corresponding performance calculation.


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