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A cocktail of bacteria to heal the soil

A company from Pontevedra works with a bacterial formulation that manages manure, eliminating odors and separating pathogens to transform it into the best organic fertilizer in crops, orchards and farms

From Costa Rica to Porto do Molle, in Nigrán, to apply biotechnology to dairy and meat production in the primary sector in Galicia with a cocktail of bacteria that reverses the putrefaction process and pushes it towards fermentation to generate new life.

Five years ago Carla Salazar and her husband Fernando gave birth to Bioprana. They took the name from the Hindu word ‘Prana’, which translates as vital energy with a very clear objective: to take what nature offers to repair what overproduction and human action have unbalanced.


To do this, they looked at the Costa Rican model, a country effervescent in sustainability where they take great care of their natural heritage as a source of wealth and imported this technology to apply it to family farms, crops, orchards, but also to large agricultural and livestock farms in Galicia.

Simple mechanics

The mechanics are simple, explains Carla Salazar, co-founder of Bioprana and director of R&D Projects. Preparations containing a cocktail of bacteria are applied to what they call by-products (compost, manure and purines) and an organic process is triggered that transforms the waste into valid organic matter such as manure, fertilizer and a healing substrate for the soil.

With a staff of 7 people with different technical and commercial profiles, Bioprana already has more than 600 clients on the Peninsula. “Far from what it may seem, 99% of our clients are not companies with the bio or Eco label, but conventional ones,” says the R&D director. Dairy or meat farms -both beef and pork-, but have not yet entered the poultry market.

They chose Galicia because of the size and importance of its primary sector, but they confess that it took them a while to penetrate the market, but the application of our products in the corridors of the stables soon gave good results by separating pathogens, eliminating odors and greatly improving manure management in beef-milk or beef-meat production centers,’ explains Salazar, co-founder of Bioprana and director of R&D Projects.

“Far from what it may seem, 99% of our clients are not companies with the bio or Eco label, but conventional ones”

CARLA SALAZAR, co-founder of Bioprana

The company, which began its journey in 2017, has an office in Pontevedra and a laboratory in Porto do Molle, Vigo Free Zone, with the support of the Galician Agency for Innovation of the Xunta. Between permanent and indirect staff, there are 15 jobs from the biotechnologist to the commercial department. 

Training and the distribution chain

“We have worked a lot in training and in the distribution chain to advance and penetrate, but once they try it, they verify that odors and blockages are eliminated, they improve both animal welfare and soil production and water quality. ”, summarizes Salazar.

She convinced that environmental legislation both in the State and at European level is already indicating that path in the short term, so she trusts that innovation applied to agriculture and livestock will continue to advance in the direction that Bioprana marks. An environmental solution based on living microorganisms to take advantage of waste and reduce chemical fertilizers.


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