High-precision timing for steel athletes

The incorporation of high-precision technologies to the sport has allowed ChampionChip Norte to offer the most precise timing with MyLaps

A tecnoloxía facilita a posición dos atletas en tempo real

The incorporation of new high-precision technologies into sport has meant a leap in quality for CCNorte Multisports Galicia. This company based in the industrial estate of O Ceao, in Lugo, draws on applications to offer accurate measurement and plotting of timing or timing of athletes in almost any type of sporting event.

To achieve this, they have imported to Galicia the Dutch technology MyLaps, a world leader in sports timing, and offer a comprehensive event management service that includes both virtual registration, organization and development, as well as its management, dissemination and communication. 

What does MyLaps allow them? It combines the chip with GPS positioning and adapts to a wide range of sports: running (road, cross, trail), cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking, triathlon, duathlon, aquatlon, swimming, cross country, obstacle courses, skating, canicross…

Behind Champion Chip Norte, Multisports Galicia S.L.U is a team of more than twenty professionals of various profiles (computer, administrative, commercial and sports technicians) with as many years of experience behind them and who have made use of R&D to improve the management and efficiency of the competition, smoothing out those tenths of a second that often make the difference.

“It makes it easy to follow the position of the athletes in real time and offer personalized videos of their arrival at the finish line”

At the head of the company is José Sánchez del Valle, and behind him, in 2019, for example, before the pandemic, the comprehensive organization of more than 250 sporting events, including complex events such as the Ironman (Northwest Triman) of As Pontes with distances and records almost impossible for most humans.

“Since the year 2000 we have collaborated with all kinds of organizers: private clubs, town councils, provincial councils, sports federations, sponsorship brands,… even leading the market in the north of the Peninsula”, company sources explain. We have been expanding from Galicia to Asturias, Cantabria, El Bierzo, Catalonia through a network of branches to promote the sporting event wherever the organization wants to take it.

Covers all the needs of a test

“We cover all the needs of a test: registration management, permits, image, physical and online advertising, merchandising, physical structures, insurance and we offer the client the possibility of being able to fully control the event through our online platform. line: registration management, billing, bib management, virtual secretariat”, they explain from the headquarters of this company rooted in Lugo, and which has the support of the Xunta in aid for business innovation.

“Our technology allows us to know at all times through the Internet the data and the position of the athletes with GPS and Live Results, with our own developed software. The times and statistics of each race are uploaded to the Internet at the same moment in which the athlete crosses the control points and we implement video arrivals; Once the test is over, all the athletes can access the video of the moment of their arrival at the finish line with their exact mark”. There is no final photo, they joke; “The chip always sends”.


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