Monday 4 March 2024

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Mussel of Cabo de Cruz: black gold that admits infinite preparations

With 230 square kilometers of surface, Arousa bay is the largest of the Galician estuaries. It is also an important mussel producing center, being...

Vigo’s invention to turn on the light and open doors without contagion

Asime, the University of Vigo and four companies produce 10,000 initial units of the device, designed for healthcare

Dairylac: how to enrich dairy products and bet on the circular economy

The Galician company transforms raw materials and researches to obtain bioplastics from the by-products of this industry

The Agrobiotech Fest brings together 200 companies and knowledge centers in Ourense

The third edition of the event, with a renewed format, will bring together representatives from the textile, agri-food or biomedical sectors

Inprotech: Galician’s cyberspace keepers

This company from Vigo, selected as one of the 10 best cybersecurity initiatives from Spain, is working on a new product to improve company's protection

Our waters are safe thanks to 10.000 analysis per year

Galician INDROPS company studies the water pollutants and prepares a portable laboratory in order to detect priority substances

Muutech: how to control your company with the smartphone

This project, which takes part from BFAuto accelerator, aims to avoid millionaire loses with their factory monitorization

Daveiga: 15th century bread that triumphs in 21st

This Galician company, which has renewed an old recipe, is one of the 1,000 European companies with the fastest growth in recent years

Atomic Precision To Lift Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia Towers

The company from Lugo PCM has been supplying stone blocks to the Barcelona temple for over 15 years

Carmela Silva: “Pontevedra has all the benefits for an entrepreneur to succeed”

The president of the County Council highlights the various lines of action to support businesses in the locality

Supporting the entrepreneurs from their beginnings

The new Co-working and Fab Lab of Barro-Meis are a perfect fit for the tools already-in-place for the support of local businesses

SmartPeme, the cruise control of the self-employed, freelancer and companies

Technological advice is one of the keys to kickstart the development of entrepreneurs in the region

The Five Roads that run through Pontevedra

The routes to Santiago that cover the province have garnered attention for a once-in-a-lifetime tourist and cultural experience

Pontevedra, the homeland of The Castro Culture

The variety of existing Galician-Roman settlements make the province a privileged enclave to visit them

Learning On How to Start Your Own Company

"DepoEmprende na Escola" is committed to promoting entrepreneurial mentality in schools

Galicia in the CERN

GCiencia visits the galician scientists of CERN, in Geneva (Switzerland)