Monday 4 March 2024

Supporting the entrepreneurs from their beginnings

Without a doubt, the objective of facing the creation and consolidation of a business initiative is a hard task, very complicated to face without having the necessary support. Although the existence of an entrepreneurial mentality is one of the essential requirements to start an adventure of this kind, it is not the only one. Support in training, guidance and counseling can make a difference between the success and failure of any given project.

The recent opening of a Co-working and a Fab Lab, in the facilities of the business nurseries of the Barro-Meis industrial estate, will allow many entrepreneurs to find the support they need to make their business projects a reality. The Diputación de Pontevedra and the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) collaborate on a project (with funding from the European Social Fund) which is expected to hold about a hundred companies in just two years.


Instalacións do Fab Lab. Foto: Anxo Iglesias
Instalacións do Fab Lab. Foto: Anxo Iglesias

The first twenty projects that will gain support from the Co-working center have already been selected and especially highlights the variety of existing business proposals since initiatives have been linked to new technologies, tourism, training, contemporary art, theater, and composting, which also can be found on 3D design.

Among the activities, that entrepreneurs can go, are workshops where they will get help to assess their business model with agile methodologies, as well as to develop the essential skills to take it into action. Learning crowfunding techniques, communication strategies in social networks or how to implement a digital marketing plan are some of the topics of these free one-off-workshops.

In addition, group training sessions will be held (exclusively directed to Co-working participants) in which specific subjects will be worked on to boost and the projects can  take off . For example, we will talk about finances for non-financial entrepreneurs, communication skills or learn how to manage talent in a project.

On the other hand, the entrepreneurs who attend the Co-working will have mentoring sessions by experts, who will try to accompany them from the design of the business model to its implementation and optimization, responding to the needs that arise along the way.

Finally, different activities will be held to promote networking and share best practices. For this, we will have the experience of other entrepreneurs / experts and business people. As a closing to each of the Co-working event (six months each) a Demo Day will be held during which the participating projects will be presented, their evolution and the possibilities of collaboration along with them.


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