Friday 8 December 2023

The light that saves lives on the road

When Jorge checked Road Crash Statistics that the RACE released in 2013,  the high rate of road traffic realted crashes, of which many of them are deadly, caught the attention of Jorge Torre. He realized that most of these crashes occurred when drivers had to get off the vehicle in a situation of risk to place the signaling triangles.

Sometimes, reflective vests, jackets or emergency lights are not enough. What solutions could there be? For two years, Jorge researched and ended up developing a device that went out into the market under the name of help-flash.”It is a luminous signaling device, which warns of an emergency on the road without having to leave your vehicle”, explain its creators. It adapts to all types of media, whether it be two or four wheels, and a simple hand or body gesture is sufficient to set it off: “Just place it on the roof on the outside of the vehicle, in contact with the sheet and, thanks to its magnetic activation, it will be ongoing”.


It is, therefore, a tool that can be of great help to people with reduced mobility. And also, thanks to LED technologies, the beacon has a range of use of more than two and a half hours, so it would stand in cases where weather conditions or difficult access can delay the arrival of emergency services and / or assistance.

Based on this patent Netun Solutions was born, a company that seeks innovation in road safety around the world “through technologies that connect asphalt, people and machines,” explain its promoters.

estradas help flash

Torre, together with Jorge Costas, was one of the founders of Netun. Shortly after Javier Romano, Silvia Souto, David Yustas and Carlos Conde joined, which make up the current structure of the company, which has to add three people for the management of the warehouse and shipments of goods, and three others in administration.

Over 100,000 units

The team developed several prototypes, with which they ended up determining the proper size and how to activate them. Netun has managed to sell more than 100,000 units of help-flash up to date, through platforms such as Amazon and specialized dealers of virtually all brands of vehicles, as well as  top end of the market chains, at Repsol service stations and spare car parts stores, at a price of 29.95 euros. In less than a year, the product has reached France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and Netun is already preparing a leap on to the American and Asian markets.

Acknowledgement did not take long either. In 2016 help-flash was one of the top brilliant ideas that participated in ViaGalicia, the accelerator of companies that drive the Galician Innovation Agency in Spain and the Zona Franca Consortium at Vigo.


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