Saturday 20 April 2024

Axencia Galega de Innovación

Remote-controlled resuscitators adapted to the patient’s breathing

Tecdesoft firm designed a medical team applying its knowledge of algorithms

Bionix completes a scalable manufacturing “made in Galicia” respirator

The Coruña start-up is converted for the production of sanitary mills with the Freesterra-1

Coronavirus disinfection comes through the air

UVigo researchers use aerospace technology to use drones to fight SARS-CoV-2 in public areas

Galician medical engineering at low cost

Fentotek designs an affordable, automated mechanical ventilator that will allow patient monitoring

Muutech: how to control your company with the smartphone

This project, which takes part from BFAuto accelerator, aims to avoid millionaire loses with their factory monitorization

Generadron: express radiographs from the air for wind farms

The Galician company Aeromedia develops a system to photograph and check the condition of windmills' blades with no need to stop

From the sea to your mouth: shark teeth for bone regeneration

Researchers from University of Vigo take advantage of the fishing in order to make new materials for medicine and surgery

Lupeon, flying high in 3D from Galicia

After six years of work, this company from Ordes jumps to aeronautical sector and industry thanks to BFAero accelerator

Nanovehicles who can beat cancer

Galician scientists develop Nanovers project, funded by Ignicia programme from Galician Innovation Agency (Gain)

The dangers of USB are real, but this Galician company can protect you

The authUSB company reinforces the protection against the risks of external storage devices, which can generate serious problems

Electronic Tongues To Analyze Food

Three young Galicians create sense (z), a project that detects possible allergens, contaminants and pathogens in food through sensors

The light that saves lives on the road

Netun Solutions has developed help-flash, a portable light that can be activated without getting off the vehicle, which has sold over 100,000 units