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Antía P. Vieitez

From the sea to your mouth: shark teeth for bone regeneration

Researchers from University of Vigo take advantage of the fishing in order to make new materials for medicine and surgery

Nanovehicles who can beat cancer

Galician scientists develop Nanovers project, funded by Ignicia programme from Galician Innovation Agency (Gain)

Hydroponics: sustainable growing to look into the future

Galician company H2hydroponics is an international reference in this technique, which reduces water consumption and uses minerals

A mobile application for punching in at work

The technological company Primux launches a tool that facilitates the system of work card, which is already available in Google Play and in Apple Store

Pumpkin sponges: how to save plastic in your daily habits

Ibérica de Esponjas Vegetales (Pontevedra) is working on the development of natural products as an alternative to the consumption of polluting goods
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