A mobile application for punching in at work

The technological company Primux launches a tool that facilitates the system of work card, which is already available in Google Play and in Apple Store

The application requires to be less than 5 meters away to sign.
The application requires to be less than 5 meters away to sign.

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), in the last quarter of 2018 there were a total of 6,435 overtime hours performed in the week by the set of salaried workers. As a measure to regulate overtime, on May 12 of this same year the mandatory daily record of the working day came into force, which must include its specific start and end time.


The execution of this procedure can be a puzzle for companies and employees: Excel sheets, printed papers to cover every day and sometimes forgotten, machines that create annoying queues… And against this background arise innovative alternatives linked to new technologies, which seek to facilitate compliance with the new regulations.

The smartphone as a tool

A technological company Primux, of the Technological Park of Galicia (Ourense), launched to the market a mobile application that allows employees to sign with their device. Toni Alvar, the person in charge of R+D+i, explains that they had been working on this project for years, and the approval of the regulations was the ideal scenario for its exit.

The use of the smartphone is extended by practically all the population; the application was designed based on the study of the use that is made of these devices. Through a simple and intuitive design, Primux proposes this option of signing through the smartphone as the most easily integrated into the routine of employees and the operations of companies.

How does the application work?

The punching system consists of three related applications. One part is in charge of the administrative aspect, such as the management of vacations; another acts as a switchboard, so that it allows manual punching; and finally there is the mobile application for employees.

The difference between the Primux app and other market alteratives is that it works only in person; the employee must be at least 5 meters from his place of work to be able to sign, so as to guarantee his presence in the place. In addition, it has a platform that allows the administrator to easily filter data by employee, export reports and edit transfers, among other features.

The operation of the application.
The operation of the application.

Who can use it?

Although any business model is adaptable, this application is especially designed, explains Alvar, for small and medium enterprises: “The use is very simple and costs less than 20€, both the creation of users and management are free, so it is available to anyone”.

The system costs less than 20€; user creation and management is free

This formula avoids crowding and the memorization or misplacement of employee registration codes. “There are small businesses that need a simple punching application, without resorting to the typical Excel sheet,” explains Alvar: “We manufacture mobile technology to try to help people”.

The app is now available for Android and iOS on Google Play and the Apple Store, as well as on the Primux website in this link.


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