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The great biotechnology laboratory for food

BioIncubaTech, the first bioincubator in Galicia and the only one in Spain specialized in biotechnological projects applied to health and the agri-food sector, received...

BFAero: the trampoline to fly high from Galicia

The second edition of the aeronautical accelerator promoted by the Galician Innovation Agency offers a growth space for companies in this sector

Inprotech: Galician’s cyberspace keepers

This company from Vigo, selected as one of the 10 best cybersecurity initiatives from Spain, is working on a new product to improve company's protection

First call of BioIncubaTech, the biotechnological accelerator of Galicia, has been...

Costa Vella Industrial Estate, in Santiago de Compostela, hosted this Tuesday the presentation of the first call of BioIncubaTech, the new accelerator for the...

Our waters are safe thanks to 10.000 analysis per year

Galician INDROPS company studies the water pollutants and prepares a portable laboratory in order to detect priority substances

Muutech: how to control your company with the smartphone

This project, which takes part from BFAuto accelerator, aims to avoid millionaire loses with their factory monitorization

Daveiga: 15th century bread that triumphs in 21st

This Galician company, which has renewed an old recipe, is one of the 1,000 European companies with the fastest growth in recent years

Fibratic: Artificial intelligence to improve Galicia’s wood industry

University of Santiago de Compostela, Galician Supercomputing Center and Finsa take part in a research project to automatize this sector

Generadron: express radiographs from the air for wind farms

The Galician company Aeromedia develops a system to photograph and check the condition of windmills' blades with no need to stop

Lupeon, flying high in 3D from Galicia

After six years of work, this company from Ordes jumps to aeronautical sector and industry thanks to BFAero accelerator