Innogando, the new livestock is here

Innogando, company from Lugo, is a good example of how new technologies can be very useful to solve problems in the livestock sector, despite...

Envita, life stories to improve the care of the elderly

The experience in the management of centers for the elderly in various parts of the province of Pontevedra is the basis of the Envita...

NutriGen 4.0, a bet towards healthy eating based on innovation

The company Hifas da Terra and the business organization of the canning sector Anfaco-Cecopesca collaborate in the NutriGen 4.0 project that aims to develop...

Celtarys, biochemistry at the service of new drug discovery

Celtarys, spin-off of the University of Santiago (USC), was born three years ago at the initiative of the professor of the Faculty of Chemistry...

Freshcut, a commitment to healthy eating and social integration

The request of a hospital for a type of healthy food for its patients is at the origin of the birth of Freshcut...

DIGI4AUT, moving towards the 4.0 automotive factory model

Moving towards an increasingly intelligent automotive industry was the main objective of the DIGI4AUT Joint Research Unit (UMI), developed by the Aimen technology center...

Remote-controlled resuscitators adapted to the patient’s breathing

Tecdesoft firm designed a medical team applying its knowledge of algorithms

Bionix completes a scalable manufacturing “made in Galicia” respirator

The Coruña start-up is converted for the production of sanitary mills with the Freesterra-1

Coronavirus disinfection comes through the air

UVigo researchers use aerospace technology to use drones to fight SARS-CoV-2 in public areas

SETGA investigates ultraviolet light as a disinfectant against coronavirus

The company from Pontevedra applies its previous experience to apply it to the fight against the pandemic