The great biotechnology laboratory for food

Bioincubatech is the first project in Spain.

BioIncubaTech, the first bioincubator in Galicia and the only one in Spain specialized in biotechnological projects applied to health and the agri-food sector, received a total of thirty proposals in its first call. The applications received will be evaluated by the Operational Management Commission of this technological incubator of the USC. The proposals chosen will be made public on December 15.

Health is the sector with the most proposals received, 24 projects that cover a broad spectrum of technologies and services for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The other six remaining belong to the agri-food sector. A total of 18 proposals were received for the preincubation modality, six for the incubation modality and six, for acceleration, according to the stage of development of each project or company.

Support for 20 projects

BioIncubaTech will offer support in this first call to 20 projects. In the modality of physical incubation in laboratory, office or coworking area modules, a maximum of ten business projects will be accepted, four in the pre-incubation phase, three in the incubation phase and three in the acceleration phase.

Logo of Bioincubatech.

Fifteen of the proposals requested this type of space, seven of them in the area dedicated to coworking and eight, in incubation modules. Virtual incubation is also offered for the other ten projects in any development stage that, although they do not require physical accommodation in the Emprendia building, will be able to access all the support programs, common facilities and scientific infrastructure offered by BioIncubaTech. Another fifteen projects opted for this virtual incubation modality.

Recruitment of entrepreneurial talent

BioIncubaTech combines infrastructure and incubation and acceleration programs to attract entrepreneurial talent and research results from around the world to Galicia. This new infrastructure, whose thirst is located in the Emprendia building of the USC, offers support and space for the incubation of both micropymes and biotechnological projects. In addition, it provides preferential access to scientific infrastructures of the USC.

On the other side of the scientific-technical infrastructure provided, the companies that use BioIncubatech will have a series of support programs in four fundamental fields of activity: knowledge transfer and innovation management; recruitment and management of managerial talent; international coordination and networking; and attracting investment and financial management.

The project, which has the collaboration of Uninova and the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, is funded by the INCYDE Foundation in its 2018 call for “High Technology Incubators for the Promotion of Innovation and the transfer of technology to micropymes” (Funds ERDF), and co-financed by the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) of the Xunta de Galicia.


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