Mussel of Cabo de Cruz: black gold that admits infinite preparations

With 230 square kilometers of surface, Arousa bay is the largest of the Galician estuaries. It is also an important mussel producing center, being...

Discovering the chanfaina: the countrymen food that became a delicatessen in...

SPONSORED CONTENT BY DEPUTACIÓN DA CORUÑA The region of Ferrolterra, in A Coruña, is knowed by its coastal landscapes and other natural sites. This variety...

As Mariñas guards in Betanzos the secret of the best omelette

SPONSORED CONTENT BY DEPUTACIÓN DA CORUÑA If there is a gastronomic topic that raises special discussion, it is the one referring to the way to...

Vigo’s invention to turn on the light and open doors without...

Asime, the University of Vigo and four companies produce 10,000 initial units of the device, designed for healthcare

Remote-controlled resuscitators adapted to the patient’s breathing

Tecdesoft firm designed a medical team applying its knowledge of algorithms

Cameras that capture temperature only with facial recognition

The startup Creativigo designs a thermographic device to control the accesses of places such as the Parliament of Galicia

Bionix completes a scalable manufacturing “made in Galicia” respirator

The Coruña start-up is converted for the production of sanitary mills with the Freesterra-1

Coronavirus disinfection comes through the air

UVigo researchers use aerospace technology to use drones to fight SARS-CoV-2 in public areas

Galician medical engineering at low cost

Fentotek designs an affordable, automated mechanical ventilator that will allow patient monitoring

SETGA investigates ultraviolet light as a disinfectant against coronavirus

The company from Pontevedra applies its previous experience to apply it to the fight against the pandemic