BFAero: the trampoline to fly high from Galicia

The second edition of the aeronautical accelerator promoted by the Galician Innovation Agency offers a growth space for companies in this sector

Until November 15, the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Xunta de Galicia keeps open the call for the second edition of the Business Factory Aero accelerator (BFAero), a pioneering initiative launched last year and which intends to provide shelter to newly created projects in the aeronautical sector, thus enhancing the commitment to the sector in Galicia. BFAero has the support of Indra and Babcock, two international reference companies that take part in the Civil UAVs Initiative, a program with which the Xunta wants to turn Galicia into one of attraction for the sector.

The projects selected to take part in BFAero may have access to more than 50 potential technology partners, in addition to benefiting from a complete program of training, advice and joint marketing actions for products and solutions at an international level.

For this, BFAero makes available to the participating projects, at no cost in most cases, an extensive catalog of advanced resources that enable an agile development of technological solutions in the field of aeronautics and unmanned vehicles.

As in the first edition, six new projects will be selected this year to capture innovative talent in the field of drones and unmanned vehicles; three for the incubation phase and three for the acceleration phase. Through these two modalities, BFAero will accompany the initiatives involved in overcoming the stages that projects born in this sector must face; from the earliest stages of ideation, to the most mature, where it is about consolidating a business model that produces recurring sales.

Incubation phase

Program aimed at startups, spin-offs and spin-outs and structured in two phases of 12 months each, with an intermediate evaluation, designed so that the participating companies can approach solutions in the defined thematic areas. This phase will focus on getting the projects to validate their value propositions and business models with the purchase and place themselves in a position to make first sales in the aeronautical and unmanned vehicles sector.

Acceleration phase

12-month support program aimed at newly created companies, with proven business models and sales made in aeronautical and unmanned vehicle purchases, that have proposals that fit with the established thematic areas and seek to achieve business models you consolidate and recurring.

Among the services and facilities available to BFAero projects, the direct and constant contact with experts in the sector, access to the facilities and equipment of the Civil UAVs Initiative at the CEL Foundation and the Rozas aerodrome, in Lugo, stand out , own office, and the possibility of receiving a complete training in all aspects that affect your business idea. The projects have technological advice and access to potential international clients. In addition, they may have Indra and Babcock UAVs for free and bonus flight hours. They will also have the option of obtaining pilot certification.

Economical support

BFAero is the accelerator of this sector with greater economic support in Europe. The projects admitted to the accelerator will have the economic support of the Xunta de Galicia. Specifically, they will have access to financing of up to 100,000 euros in fund lost in the incubation phase and up to 50,000 in the acceleration phase. Additionally, they will be eligible for financing in the form of INDRA loans (through Indradventures) of between 50,000 and 500,000 euros in incubation and without acceleration limit. In addition, in the acceleration phase they will have access to participatory loans of up to 250,000 euros from Xesgalicia.

In addition to the CEL Foundation, Indra or Babcock, other bodies of the Xunta, such as the Igape, and small and medium-sized companies relevant to their knowledge or their technologies, collaborating entities such as CTAG or the Galician Aeronautical Consortium and generators are added to BF Aero of knowledge, like Galician Universities.

The bases of the call can be consulted in this link.


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