Tuesday 5 December 2023

Cameras that capture temperature only with facial recognition

The startup Creativigo designs a thermographic device to control the accesses of places such as the Parliament of Galicia

The joint project of the startup Creativigo with the company OARO consists of a thermal imager that allows access control to public or private places, with temperature monitoring through digital identification thanks to facial recognition. Creativigo developed part of the programming of the digital identity in Blockchain, while OARO did the hardware for this equipment that could serve as prevention of contagion from Covid-19.

On March 8, Pablo López, CEO of Creativigo, landed at the Panama airport. When he went to pass through the passenger control, he was received with the pistol at his head to take the temperature. “It was a little violent because I had never had such a control.” Little by little, the alert state began in Spain, and the border closings. To return home, the only place he could fly was through Havana. There in Cuba they also took his temperature, but in this case through thermal imaging cameras. “I saw the cameras working, but the data did not see where they were going.” Thinking about this, the idea that will now come true came up.

Pantalla de monitorización do dispositivo.

Pablo López has been working in technology in the field of Blockchain, where they have advanced digital identity solutions. Two years ago, he developed a project with another company, OARO, which was also trying to embed the idea of ​​thermal imaging cameras as a non-invasive way that offers a warning signal.

From Creativigo they tell us how it could be carried out. People who are going to the venue would receive an invitation on their mobile. Through a personal image they would have to pre-register in an application, in such a way that when the person passes in front of the device, through facial recognition, it allows or denies access, and performs a temperature control. “We are studying the possibility of integrating other types of services at the same time, consider including another health protocol, to determine what happens in the event that someone gives a high temperature, what would be the steps to follow. The prior registration is essential to safeguard the data protection of each person, “says the creator of this device.

With the help of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) of the Xunta de Galicia they decided to take this step and some more forward. In fact, they are also working on autonomous equipment that could be installed by anyone, since it consists only of one foot, with a tablet screen, and the thermal imager to be used anywhere permanently or temporarily. In this way it is not necessary to make a high expense and it can be rented only to be used at a specific moment in an event.


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