Freshcut, a commitment to healthy eating and social integration

The Vigo company bases its growth capacity on R&D, which leads it to open a new factory

The new factory of Freshcut will allow to multiply the production of wool company. Photo: Freshcut

The request of a hospital for a type of healthy food for its patients is at the origin of the birth of Freshcut in 2011. Until then there was only a chain of greengrocers, Frutas Nieves, owned by a Vigo family that had 60 own stores and he was already working with the supply of fruit to various hospitals. But that commission marked an evolution towards a company that is growing in a very important way today and that knew how to specialize in a sector such as healthy eating for the elderly.

Freshcut will open along this will see a new production plant in the Pasaxe de Gondomar polygon, which will multiply by ten the capacity of the factory that it had until now in the Valadares neighborhood of Vigo. Eusebio Méndez, manager of the company, points out that with its opening a new stage will open after closing last year with a turnover close to two million euros.

The commitment to innovation and the development of new products is the key to the evolution of the great leap forward that the company made in less than ten years. This did not lead to forgetting another of the fundamental principles of the company, social integration. Currently, 70 percent of workers have some type of disability. Cogami was part of the shareholding of the company in the first years, although later it ceased to belong to the company.

Initially, the compote with which the project was born had two flavors to choose from, but today customers can choose a total of eight (always with the Galician apple base) and other products such as soups and spreads (hummus without tahini, olive oil and vegan sobrasada), always with the aim of producing healthy food as a priority. “At the moment our R + D + i department continues to work on the development of other types of products,” says Méndez, who also highlights its multidisciplinary nature since biologists, food technicians, chefs or engineers work there.

One of the most important projects currently being developed is AHGAVES, which is based on the relationship between nutrition and healthy aging to obtain innovative plant products that meet the nutritional needs of the elderly. The project has the collaboration of the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain) of the Xunta de Galicia (through the InnovaPeme program co-financed by the Feder Galicia 2014-2020 operational program) and the target audience is both in hospitals as in residences or private homes. It is a type of diet that is also especially dedicated to large dependents.

Freshcut collaborated closely on this project with the business organization of the canning sector Anfaco and tests were carried out with satisfactory results of healthy vegetable cream for the elderly. A total of 160 volunteers, people over 70 years old from various residences in the Vigo area, participated in the experiment with very encouraging data regarding the improvement of the health of the people who participated in it.


“Our market is international, although currently our greatest presence is in Galicia and the rest of Spain. We have distribution in Eroski supermarkets and other chains. Overseas for now we have a presence in Israel, Brazil and Korea but we are already exploring possibilities in other markets such as Japan ”, explains Méndez. It seems that a project that was born almost by chance by the commission of a client could have a very important growth in the coming years since the healthy eating sector has a huge future in very diverse markets.

Freshcut is well placed to face this challenge and highlights its commitment to manufacturing new 100% natural products, from the best orchards, without additives, without preservatives and without added sugars. The quality of the raw material is one of the fundamental factors to explain the success of the company with its products in the different markets in which it is already present. 


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