Torusware: how to turn data into the ‘treasure’ of organizations

The company, a spin-off born in a research group at the University of Coruña, consolidates its career with the National Computer Prize

Guillermo López Taboada, Torusware's director.
Guillermo López Taboada, Torusware's director.

“What we see now are the fruits of the work that has been done for a long time at the Faculty of Computing in A Coruña,” explains Guillermo López Taboada, general director of Torusware, the company based in the city of A Coruña that has just received the National Computer Prize, awarded by the Spanish Computer Science Society (SCIE) and the BBVA Foundation. The modality in which Torusware was awarded, with the name of Ramón Llull (employer of computer engineering), recognizes the “business activity of a small and/or medium-sized company (SME) in the field of computer engineering, valuing the dynamism and its national and international impact and its commitment to R+D+i ”. And the company directed by Guillermo López largely complies with the values ​​recognized by the award.

Data at the center of decisions

How can be explained the work carried out by a company specialized in computer science to people who do not have knowledge of this subject? “What we are trying to do is make organizations become ‘datacentric‘. Today, all organizations have a huge amount of data from various sources: clients, workers, information systems, internal policies and procedures, devices, sensors, social networks”, explains López Taboada. Knowing the importance that what is called BigData and its good use can have in the development of a company is one of the ways that Torusware marks its clients.

Since 2010 he presented his doctoral thesis, directed by Ramón Doallo and Juan Touriño, the other two Torusware promoting partners and researchers at the ICT Research Center (CiTIC) of the University of Coruña, Guillermo López has developed a line of research around the Computer Architecture that aroused the interest of large international companies in the sector. Finally, the idea took the form of a company with a project that, seven years after its foundation, already has 18 workers and is constantly growing.

Guillermo López, Juan Touriño y Ramón Doallo. Foto: CiTIC.
Guillermo López, Juan Touriño and Ramón Doallo. Photo: CiTIC.

In these years, in which the ‘fever’ for data analysis has spread throughout the planet, incorporating into everyday language terms such as BigData or the Internet of Things (IoT) Torusware found numerous lines of work to offer its services. Guillermo López highlights several examples that explain the relevance of managing quality data, efficiently and integrated in the best possible way in organizations. “For example, a client dedicated to sports activities wanted to know which was the most convenient area to develop offers dedicated to the family audience; if we manage well the data and information that we have, we can find out, for example, that families with young children will be installed in new buildings, or will have them, and therefore they are good areas for develop this type of offer”, summarizes the director of the company.

In this sense, Torusware also offers services based on the development of high-performance applications to handle this data, which are analyzed and help make decisions. This strategy, under the name of DevOps, helps, second explains the A Coruña company on its website, to coordinate the two technical areas of application deployment (development and systems) and their respective human teams to understand and interpret in the best possible way all phases of the application life cycle.

The recognition of Torusware with the National Prize represents for its director a consolidation of the project, after the impulse received during its first years by various institutions and administrations. To the support of the Barrié Foundation, through its Science Fund, in the first phases, the participation in initiatives such as Conecta Pyme, Principia or IFI Innova, of the Galician Agency of Innovation (Gain) of the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Xunta de Galicia.

More than 100 graduates in Silicon Valley

Torusware’s career highlights the work that Guillermo López talks about the Coruña faculty: two other graduates (Adrián Pérez and Daniel Valcarce) were recognized this year as the Youth National Prize. And two years ago, another of the promoters of Torusware, Ramón Doallo, and a young researcher from the UDC, David Vilares, also received the recognition of this prestigious contest.

The good position of the Coruña school of computing is confirmed, according to López, with the opportunities and projection that a considerable number of its graduates have. In addition to the positions of responsibility they get in Galician, Spanish and European companies, López Taboada provides the figure that in recent years, “more than 100 graduates” from the A Coruña Faculty of Informatics arrived in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the big technology companies on the planet.


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