Monday 15 April 2024


Walking Reduces significantly the Risk of Brain and Physical illness

Scientific studies conclude that walking helps live longer and healthier

‘Today everyone wants their own street to be a car free zone’

The head of the Local Police in Pontevedra, Daniel Macenlle, says: "We have the honor to defend an idea of ​​a democratic and egalitarian city"

‘It’s the future and doable in any city’

César Mosquera, Pontevedra Mayoral Director of the Mobility Plan

The city of citizens

The urban transformation of the capital of the river Lerez has turned out to be a role model to be followed by many cities worldwide

Pontevedra, An Award Winning City

The city model with responsible mobility makes Pontevedra worthy of a plethora of international awards

“The model of Pontevedra can be exported to the whole of Southern Europe ”

The Italian psychopedagogist Francesco Tonucci has stressed the need to recoup the public spaces in cities for pedestrians

“A city which invests in pedestrians is a healthier city”

Pablo Barco is the technical coordinator of the network 'Cities that Walk'