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Eduardo Rolland

‘If the measure against exotic plants takes too late, it will become very hard to control it’

Professor Fei-Hai Yu is a global authority on biological invasions who collaborates with de A Coruña University

A New Milky Way

Campus Terra in Lugos bring scientific insight to the milky industrie in Galicia

Science for Young People

Galiciencia brings together two thousand science students to the Parque Tecnópole of Ourense

A campus closed to motherland

Campus Terra in Lugo trains and investigates in close relation with the social and economic fabric of their environment

Paleopark: Cíes isles 6.000 years ago

In its very depths, there are sediments which allow us to track down mankind's footprint in mother nature

What is the origin of pulses?

Pulses have been the base food of humans for millenia and together with the evolution of man have marked the way ahead. But, Who...

Jules Verne and the Vigo Bay

A chapter of '20.000 leagues under the sea' is dedicated to Vigo, where Verne spent holydays in 1878 and 1884

Scientific Cooking

Science applied to cooking is the objective of this documentary, conducted by the Galician chef Pepe Solla

‘It’s the future and doable in any city’

César Mosquera, Pontevedra Mayoral Director of the Mobility Plan

The secret of the Rías Baixas flower

The research about camellia at Areeiro Center, a branch belonging to the CSIC and the Diputación de Pontevedra
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