3edata, Top Local Data Stripping

Extracting all the possible information that the locality offers to start up projects of a very diverse nature is the objective of the 3edata “lucense” spin-off, a company that despite its short trajectory has already managed to find a place to position itself in the field of consulting and management of infrastructures, environmental or agricultural-livestock projects.

Data mining through the use of sensors, satellites, drones and light aircraft is the beginning of the process that leads the company to later develop a diagnosis on the features of the terrain and the possibilities that exist to implement it within some project or try to manage the ones which are already being developed.

Marco Rubinos, project manager of 3edata, explains that the company was born in February 2016 with the base of knowledge and experience developed over a period of three decades by himself and his partners Carmen Cillero (R & D) and Boris Hinojo ( Technology) within the Institute of Agricultural Biodiversity and Rural Development (IBADER) on the Lugo Campus.

“After 15 years of work,” says Rubinos, “we have decided that it is time to go a step further and create a project that allows the transferring of the knowledge acquired in college .” A few months after beginning their entrepreneurial journey, they got funding which accounts for an investment of 180,000 euros and currently their business volume already exceeds half a million euros. The growth prospects for the coming years are very positive.

“Coming from a college environment and operating in a sector that is not yet very mature, has provided the possibility of developing technologies that will allow us to launch new services and improve those, we are already providing,” says Project Manager 3edata. The company was selected within the Via Galicia 2016 program.

The activity of the company focuses on the agroforestry field, with applications in the field of viticulture, management of forest stands and crops. But, in addition, 3edata, operates in other areas such as the management of electrical infrastructures. the monitoring of reservoirs or the development of R & D projects in the environmental field.


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