Saturday 18 May 2024

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Emiliano Cossini

From a Cell Phone to a PC Safely

Ancora I / O technology incorporated into mobile applications to interact with them from others

The world cuisine at the click of a button

Mercado Flotante, the online store with the most ingredients of international cuisine in Spain is based off Porto de Molle, Galicia

Bendita Cocina: Turn your House into a Restaurant

The start-up has been able to take advantage of the increasing following of cuisine by offering a service of chefs at home

Peryco: Comparison Shopping Engines take on the beauty industry

The galician platform adapts the web scraping model to a new sector: perfumes and cosmetics

Aistech Space: the democratization of space

The creation of cubesats or nanosatellites will reduce the access costs to space technology

CoinsCrap: savings through residual income

A mobile application that helps you save by saving your virtual electronic pocket money

OpositaTest: solving a personal problem by creating a company

The online civil servant certificate testing platform with most users in Spain is based in A Coruña
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