Wednesday 21 February 2024

Bendita Cocina: Turn your House into a Restaurant

Galicia is a place where traditionally food occupies a main place. But in recent years the emergence of this sector worldwide has been unimaginable. Chefs are treated like rock stars, and gastronomy talent shows take up large screen shares. Nobody imagined that such an ancient craft could become so fashionable.

«At the bar we all play the role of football coaches and we talk about football like professionals do, and that is happening nowadays with our cuisine; We all know what a reduction is, “says Isaac Carrera, CEO of Bendita Cocina, a platform based in Nigrán with which you can hire chefs who cook for you at home, for catering companies and for diners at restaurants. A manager of culinary budgets.


Isaac is also CEO and co-founder of Elemental Chefs, a communication agency that has a large number of customers in the food industry. Company from which the idea is born. On the one hand by a campaign of the agency for Galicia Calidade a while ago, and several years ago dinners were raffled to be prepared by professional chefs at the winners` home.

We do not have to have a special kitchen for enjoy Bendita Cocina

On the online platform you can hire the service in two ways: either a la carte, looking for a chef or a specific menu, or entering the specifics of the event and the chefs who work in the area will offer you their menus.

We do not have to have a special kitchen. With an oven, a microwave, stove and refrigerator are usually good enough. And if they need something else, the cooks will take it along with them. The same as the ingredients, bought by the chefs themselves. “The general feedback is very good, because you are willing to have fun.” As soon as desserts are served and on the table, the cooks will leave and the kitchen remains as good as new.

A start-up as an experiment laboratory
For the founders of Bendita Cocina and Elemental Chefs, this platform is a way of doing those things that the communication agency does not dare to proposition to their clients. “In this country we have the habit of turning start-ups into companies too soon, taken experimentation capacity away from the equation,” says Isaac. But he admits that they can do it because Benditta Cocina is not one of the pillars of their economy.

“We know it’s a profitable project – humble, but profitable – but what we want is to be a benchmark in the market.” That’s why the company has evolved since the very beginning. From home services, they began offering dinner packages to large companies, such as Rector de Amandi, Maho or Galicia Calidade itself. And after passing through the Via Vigo accelerator, they have added up services such as catering and restaurants, because “people have been starting to contact us for a wedding or a Eucharist celebration, and you can not send one and only chef just to cover every single event”.


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