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Lorea Castroviejo e Miguel Briones, de Mercado Flotante.

Mercado Flotante was born with a purpose: that everyone will be able to cook any recipe in the world from anywhere in the country.

It was the year 2008 when Miguel Briones, CEO of the company, at that time manager of large banking projects, was given him a book of international recipes. “I was not able to do even 95% out of the whole recipe book because I did not have any place where to get these ingredients from,” he tells us.

He´s noted this moment in time as the kick-off of the project, but it would not be until 2015, when together with Lorea Castroviejo, from Donosti, the idea took off. “I do not think we are visionaries, but we knew we had to wait for the food industry to become more fashionable,” says Miguel.

Lorea Castroviejo and Miguel Briones are the founders of Mercado Flotante

The name Mercado Flotante refers to markets in South Asia where sellers arrive and sell off the boats on rivers. An exotic name for an online store with exotic products.

Miguel brags about not having even competition in Spain, “and from what we have seen, in the world, a store with a catalog of international products greater than ours… I doubt it”. With 4,800 users and 1,000 fixed customers, and in the absence of introducing fresh and frozen products, Mercado Flotante is making its way into the online food tech sector.

Success rests on three basic pillars. First, the breadth of the offer, which is not only about products, but also brands. The customer service, which is noticeable from the moment you look for any reference or assessment of the company.

Many talk about the exceptional customer service that they offer, how careful they are with the labeling – and therefore have a growing community of organic consumers and vegans behind them- or how they handle carefully their orders. And third, the innovation that is being carried out from Mercado Flotante to simplify the company’s processes and generate vast content.


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