OpositaTest: solving a personal problem by creating a company

There are start-ups that bring us new products, generate new needs or open up new worlds and possibilities. But there are others that simply use current technology to take something everyday and simplify it.

Web de OpositaTest.
Web de OpositaTest.

OpositaTest was born out of the personal need of one of its creators, Inés, who was preparing the civil servant exam for the justice system. Anyone who has gone through a test with an exam-type test in the past few years is familiar with how tedious their practice is: manual preparation of the test, one-to-one grading, and seek reasons for failure. In addition to suffering a continuous outdated material, which involves a disbursement of money that only ends when you get the specific civil servant certificate.


OpositaTest offers two things to the user: a technological tool with which saves time and a high quality of content updated every day before any change in one´s agenda.

“The civil servant candidate has to study, and then, practice; you can not waste time on something worthless like grading and updating tests “, explains Pablo Cancelo, CCO of OpositaTest, a website and an application for mobile phones and tablets in which, apart from doing the tests, you can compare your results with your personal progression and with other users.

Today, OpositaTest have 33,000 subscribers, with a very high rate of satisfaction

The civil servants examinations, they first started developing the app for, were those of judges, prosecutors and court clerks, since achieving excellence on these tests -considered the hardest ones- would give them validity to get into any other of lesser demand. There was a huge demand and positive feedback from the first moment they implemented this tool, especially, because there´s no competition. But also because they have managed to improve traditional tests. “Many people told us that our content was much more similar to that found in other tests they had done before.”

Today, they have 33,000 subscribers, with a very high rate of satisfaction, polled at their last survey -out of the 1,000 people who gave feedback, 95% said they would subscribe to OpositaTest– and 85% of users have been those who have improved their grade or passed the civil servant examination after using the application.


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