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HG Beyond, contact lenses that heal

The ideas born off college can end up becoming a powerful business initiative. Everything is pointing in the direction of HG Beyond. The spin-off of the University of Santiago (born under the name of Lentimed) has, so far, won several awards and supports with its project to develop contact lenses, made with an innovative material, which will serve to administer drugs and substances to fight eye problems.

Equipo directivo de HG Beyond
Equipo directivo de HG Beyond

Manuel Figueroa, project manager of the company, explains that they are currently in full development of these contact lenses, which include a moistening system to lubricate the eye and that would benefit the users of contacts that have problems with their use due to the lack of natural moist.


The lenses will be on the shelves by mid-2019. The objective is that this first product is the one that allows opening the way for the lens to be worn or administered drugs, something more complicated to achieve initially since it will be necessary to carry out clinical trials and undertake a long process before it can be available. However, contacts with the built-in lubrication system can have a large commercial outlet, 50 % of people, who quit wearing contacts, is due to the lack of water in their eyes.

Figueroa explains that the key of the project is the use of hydrogels that allow to release substances in the eye in a much more effective way than that achieved with the use of eye drops. The contacts allow the substance to be applied to the eye continuously and more effectively, also do not have to be applied at all times to the eye every so often.

“R & D is in the DNA of our company,” says Figueroa, who also points out that innovation is not limited to the development of a product that can change the paradigm of eye treatments but also to the business development strategy of the company. HG Beyond aims to be a globally competitive company and hence has already registered patents in the US, Europe and Japan.


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