Sweet clover, superfood for cows

Vacas en pastoreo en parcelas con trevo no CIAM.
Vacas en pastoreo en parcelas con trevo no CIAM.

The ups for good health when ingesting pulses has been proven once and again. However, pulses benefits do not stop with people alone. Recent research at the –Centro de Investigaciones Agrarias- of Mabegondo (CIAM), specifically 5 years ago, has shown that pulses like the sweet clover allows the cattle to improve milk quality and production of about 6-8% percent, besides improving the fatty profiles of the products, it contributes to getting a very sheer quality milk too.

Gonzalo Flores Calvete, leading researcher at the department of Grass and Fodder of CIAM, points at the research done which throws conclusion similar to those related to humans and done also in Europe. He says that the results must pour into the farms and carry out pilot programs to spread the usage of pulses as a method of feeding in farms among the cattle.

Flores says that in spite of the initial hardship between the usage of pulses and grasses is highly positive. “We are at a crossroad here and pulses which were previously used to feed the cattle at one point in time they had disappeared but now they should be implemented because we have shown the great benefits for the cattle and humans nowadays”, says Flores, who is very persistent about spreading the word about these latest findings on pulses and their benefits in cattle.


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