Phottic: The photo album of our lives online

Alejandro Lamas, Manuel Pan e Daniel Cerqueiro, impulsores de Phottic.
Alejandro Lamas, Manuel Pan e Daniel Cerqueiro, impulsores de Phottic.

Until very recent, as far as the old generations can remember, images or photos did not used to be uploaded onto Facebook but would be developed in labs and kept in physical photo family albums. And around this concept, in 2013, the web Phottic was conceived,  a spin-off of the firm Abertal, which has just turned 20 years old and it is one of the leading IT companies in Galicia. Phottic selects, orders and shows the photo backdrops of any person or entity that wants to relinquish their images to this web. Once each image has been scanned, a single file is processed to be dated, located and captioned too.

“Any person can get in touch with us in order to relinquish their image. We work with the images and process them to fit our web and for people to be able to share it online”, explains Manuel Pan, CEO of Phottic and the alma matter of this project together with his colleagues Daniel Cerqueiro and Alejandro Lamas.

From its inception , Phottic has worked closely with institutions such as the city halls of Carballo, Celanova, Arteixo, As Pontes or Vilagarcía. The project at Vilagarcia was the first job which kick started the project financially and contributed to the publishing of the first photo album by Phottic, “cycling for Vilagarcía. Through cycling, the history of this bucolic fishing villa is told in the 20th century. So far, this project has also been chosen to participate in several local entrepreneurship initiatives such as Vía Galicia and Galicia Open Future.

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