Gato Salvaje Studio, Surviving Among Giants is possible

With a product placement, which has reached 140 countries worldwide, may seem a miraculous achievement coming from humble business beginnings. But it is what they have achieved so far at Gato Salvaje Studio; a grass-roots company located in their hometown of A Coruña since its inception in 2010 and that has not stopped breaking barriers. The competitive industry of video games is the habitat in which they have been developing their products.  Innovation and adaptation are key factors in an ever changing market, which Gato Salvaje Studio has managed so well so far to distinguish themselves from the rest of the other players in this industry.

Sergio Prieto, one of the founders of the company, explains that “the video game industry has become the largest leisure industry in the world and that in Galicia and Spain there is yet so much more to explore.” In this line, Gato Salvaje does not only care about the development of new products, but also carries out the task of training new talent.


95% of the sales made by the company are targeted to foreign markets and four products with which it currently has in the market are distributed in English, although they have also implemented the Galician language. Games like the AR-K and BullShot have been very successful. The first of them went over the mark of 150,000 units sold and was placed in the top 10 best video game sellers in Spain.

AR-K, launched in 2014, allowed Gato Salvaje to access the world’s largest video game platform, Steam, which has over 150 million active users. AR-K is a graphic adventure, which has recently added to their team as a scriptwriter the prestigious American comic artiste Greg Rucka, winner of several Eisner awards and author of the famous saga of Gotham Central.

Prieto points out that “at Gato Salvaje, they decided to stay in Galicia and contribute to the development of a new sector within the leisure industry, despite having a significant offer to go and set up offices in Canada.”.

The difficulty of receiving financial support is one of the key issues GSS is currently facing, and has had only the support of Xesgalicia to push into the overseas market  .


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