Converfit's team.
Converfit's team.

Converfit, a customized web experience for everyone

This type of issue has been identified by everyone of us. We have an issue with the phone company ; long waits and mixups to get an issue fixed are usually slow, not so comfy and many time very little efficient. Tired of listening to background music as you hold on the phone or in some waiting room and leaping from one sales rep. But, Pablo Gutiérrez Alfaro and Jorge Rodríguez Núñez, 2 entrepreneurs from Vigo, decided to come up with an instant messenger tool which connect client and company at the same time aka Citious.

A while after, the demand of companies for a service or to further services like chat web, forced  Citious to evolve. they developed then another product , Converfit, an analytics system for webpages which is the central axis of this new upcoming company now.

A apariencia dos sitios web muda segundo as preferencias dos clientes
Web appearance changes depending on the demands of the customers.

“We’ve told companies all of what their clients do in their websites: how they move around, the products they check, searches they perform, etc.”, says Lucía Sendón, in charge of communication and media for Converfit. The app picks up data and develops profiles about each and every client that visits or hits the page. Also, theres a live chat system which helps giving recommendations during the process of a purchase and increase at the same time the conversion rate. In a nutshell, a web can dramatically improve visitors and sales with our app.

The app has a large range of clients from different walks of life such as fashion, banking and telephone companies. In less than a year the project has really paid off. By the end of  2015, Converfit was the only one company from Spain which was chosen by Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, held in London, UK

In Galicia, the backup of VíaVigo was key to Converfit. They participated in the company accelerator VíaGalicia, kickstarted by the Zona Franca in Vigo and by the Xunta de Galicia (Galician government).


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