Orballo, the dream of the small ecological industry is possible

La producción ecológica de proximidad es la base de la filosofía de Orballo

The old dream of carrying out the great potential of the Galician countryside can be reflected in modern companies and with extra added value products, which have already been proven to work fine. One of them is Orballo, a project born in 2012 and that from the Coruña region of As Mariñas that produces aromatic species, infusions and eco-harvests that are gradually sweeping markets by storm. The commitment to quality and organic production are two of the keys to the operation of the company.

Produtos de Orballo.

Oscar Torres, responsible for Communication and Marketing at Orballo, explains that initially he decided to produce aromatic plants such as oregano, basil and parsley but they soon realized that they should go on a new direction and try new products to accomplish a sustainable business model . In this way, they began to produce eco-harvests (packed for rapid preparation) and two years ago they got involved in the infusions market.

The last big bid is the own production of tea, which started with one acre and this year will reach 20 acres. The planting project was developed with the collaboration of the Fitopatolóxica do Areeiro Station and the Uvigo. “Our idea was to launch our own production of tea, a pioneering project in Galicia and which we launched after an investigation of almost three years. We have very good expectations and we hope that this year all the production can be sold as it happened last year, “says Torres.

The company already has 14 employees and production is focused on the region of As Mariñas-Reserva de O Mandeo. The processed warehouse is located in Oleiros and the commercial department is in Madrid. Orballo products can be found in stores throughout Spain and also in a hundred distribution points in Mexico. This year they can reach a turnover of half a million euros.

The philosophy of the company is committed to a local production and the sale of an ecological produce from the base and that is also reflected in recyclable packaging.


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