“The Velutina Drone”, technology against the most feared plague

Un dron en fase de ataque a un niño de velutinas

The fight against the most threatening plague that has ever threatened the Galician countryside and cities already has a new ally, the “Velutina Drone“. This device, developed by the Spanish company Aerocamaras, is already being deployed across Galicia, Asturias and Portugal to seek and destroy the so ever dangerous giant Asian hornet nests that have recently become a nightmare for farmers and citizens nationwide. The giant Asian hornets are an agressive and dangerous species of insects since they kill off the native bees and sting humans with highly toxic venom.

The Galician company has applied its ten years of expertise into the development of drones and has come up with a breakaway device that allows to seek and destroy these types of nests in a record time of 15 minutes and avoids the risks of high altitude work in front of insects that can act in an aggressive way “This summer we have taken action in over ten nests a week and we hope to achieve the same results in October, November we can continue working because many nests will be exposed in trees,” says Antonio Sánchez, Communication Manager of Aerocamaras.

Drone Avispa Asiática/Velutina Aerocamaras – www.dronevelutina.com from Aerocamaras / Dreams Factory on Vimeo.

The “Velutina Drone” began to operate at the end of last summer and its development is an example of how Aerocamaras works in the manufacturing and development of these drones, which operate in crops and fields across the region as well as useful for fires or power line surveillance or shooting commercials. In this case, the drone has a 4 meter-long-pole that allows you to approach the nest, even if it is at a high altitude, and shoot the insecticide inside of the nest, which makes it possible to destroy the harmful velutins.

Among the pros of operating such a drone are that it is not necessary to take risks in carrying out risky tasks at high altitudes and no type of waste or pollution is will harm the environment. The development of the project has support, input and a followup from the local firefighters who usually work in the prevention and destroying these giant Asian hornets nests. “The grandfather of the CEO of our company, Jaime Pereira, is a winemaker and was also involved in the creation of this drone,” says Sanchez.

Institutions (especially town halls) and individuals are the usual clients of this system that allows to wipe out the nests in a record time of 15 minutes, without having to wait for the teams of agencies that can take days and even weeks to destroy a single  nest. Aerocamaras also offers training to learn how to handle these drones. Two people from the company, who always remain vigilant and alert and are qualified to work with phytosanitary products and who can handle the drone at a distance of up to 500 meters from the target, usually come to the rescue to seek and destroy the giant Asian hornets nests.


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