Fibratic: Artificial intelligence to improve Galicia’s wood industry

University of Santiago de Compostela, Galician Supercomputing Center and Finsa take part in a research project to automatize this sector

Presentación do proxecto Fibratic. Foto: CiTIUS.
Presentación do proxecto Fibratic. Foto: CiTIUS.

The facilities of the Orember factory, owned by Finsa, in the industrial area of San Cibrao das Viñas (Ourense), hosted the presentation of the Fibratic project, in which the timber company participates together with the Galician Supercomputing Center (Cesga) and the CiTIUS of Santiago of Compostela. The goal of this initiative, which will be developed over the next five years, is to automatize the production of several industrial processes that until now were difficult to control, framed in the Industry 4.0 strategy that drives the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain).


This second phase of the project, which gives continuity to the joint work developed in the last two and a half years between the three entities. During this time, the researchers of CiTIUS and Cesga, in collaboration with the timber company, sought a technological solution to the extent that they could improve the quality of their products, taking advantage of the enormous amount of data generated during the manufacture of the Medium Density Fiber (MDF), used in the construction of modern furniture. As a result of this collaboration, already validated at the Orember plant, a new contract was signed that will last until 2024, and that will maintain the scientific activity in Cesga and Citius.

The signing of the agreement will allow to go deeper in the use of high-performance Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Computing technologies at the factory, putting them at the service of all the manufacturing processes necessary to obtain the quality product demanded by customers. Industry 4.0 is already a reality, which will be decisive over the coming years in all types of sectors.

Galician companies, as is the case of Finsa, are immersed in a process of technological transformation that advances unstoppable, establishing formulas that preserve their ability to compete in the purchased. The alliance model between Finsa, Cesga and CiTIUS, is committed to an interdisciplinary team that brings together business, technology and academy to, through knowledge and capacity, and with a ground-level involvement, be able to work on real processes and products.

The act with which Fibratic has been launched, which included a visit to the Orember facilities, was attended by Patricia Argerey Villar, director of the Galician Innovation Agency of the Xunta de Galicia (GAIN), Mauro Fernández Dabouza (director of Cesga), and Senén Barro (scientific director of CiTIUS), together with scientists David Mera, Andrés Gómez and Santiago Recamán. These three researchers developed since 2017, within the framework of Fibratic, several investigations that have been published in journals such as Electronics.


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