Chanfaina. Marcos Nine's film.
SPONSORED CONTENT BY DEPUTACIÓN DA CORUÑA The region of Ferrolterra, in A Coruña, is knowed by its coastal landscapes and other natural sites. This variety of landscapes offers a diverse gastronomy whith singular products as the barnacles from Cedeira, the bread from Neda, the octopus from Mugardos, the crusted from Pontedeume, the turnip greens from Monfero or the chanfaina from...
tortilla de Betanzos gastronomía Galicia
SPONSORED CONTENT BY DEPUTACIÓN DA CORUÑA If there is a gastronomic topic that raises special discussion, it is the one referring to the way to prepare the Spanish omelette (called tortilla in Spanish): thin or fat, with or without onion, well done or undercooked ... A good place to think about all these questions is Betanzos, a town in the...
The company, develops a method that allows testing these compounds in conditions similar to those of a living being
Lu-Touch en uso
Asime, the University of Vigo and four companies produce 10,000 initial units of the device, designed for healthcare
Guillermo López Taboada, Torusware's director.
The company, a spin-off born in a research group at the University of Coruña, consolidates its career with the National Computer Prize
The AMSlab group is developing a device that would greatly reduce the molecular diagnosis times of the coronavirus
A project of the University of Santiago de Compostela gets the support of the Galician Innovation Agency to prepare a cartography of SARS-CoV-2
Tecdesoft firm designed a medical team applying its knowledge of algorithms
The startup Creativigo designs a thermographic device to control the accesses of places such as the Parliament of Galicia
The Coruña start-up is converted for the production of sanitary mills with the Freesterra-1