El consumo regular de granos enteros puode extender nuestra esperanza de vida.
El consumo regular de granos enteros puode extender nuestra esperanza de vida.

The daily consumption of whole grain can improve our lifespan

A recent research conducted by T.H. Chan at the Public Health School at Harvard, Massachusetts (USA) backs up recent findings about the benefits of eating whole grain foods such as quinoa, barley and wheat. This major research, published by the magazine Circulation, concludes that the daily consumption of whole grain can extend our lifespan.

Several experts have analyzed data from already 12 published peer reviewed articles together with unedited sources collected from National Health and Nutrition System (NHANES) III and NHANES between the years 1999-2004. All of them included participants from the UK, USA and Scandinavian territories. All in all, over 786.076 reports were examined between the years 1970 and 2010. This meta-analysis showed that 16 grams out of each whole grain portion, there was a 7% reduction in total deaths, a reduction of 9% in deaths heart disease related and a reduction of 5% in deaths cancer related.

Read the article at Circulation


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