Galchimia, Organic Chemistry with a Galician accent

Carme Pampín, presidenta de Bioga.
Carme Pampín, presidenta de Bioga.

Galchimia’s path is a clear evidence that an entrepreneur’s dream can come true, however, a great deal of effort and hard work has lies behind it. It has secured its expansion in the international markets due to its innovative ideas despite the fluctuations of this sort of trade. This company was incorporated 15 years ago by means of 2 chemistry students, Carme Pampín and Jacobo Cruces, who worked at the Department of organic Chemistry at the college of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Definitely, it is a company, which has consolidated strongly right after its inception as a spin-off.

Laboratorios de Galchimia.

Galchimia has led the way within the scope of Synthetic Organic Chemistry in Spain. Besides trading nationwide and overeas nowadays, they have been researching for several pharma and biotech top firms, their catalog comprises over 200 products, which the very same company sells via their website. These few past years, Latinamerica has been a paramount market for their trade, although around 75% of their revenue still relies on contractual research. Galchimia employs now 30 staff and has swept 1.8 million euros in revenue, in 2015.

Innovation is the identity key for Galchimia and most of their clients’ request is about the creation of new molecules. To “come up with new molecules” is necessary to carry out a complex research and be persistant so as to accomplish this task. The company’s base is in O’ Pino next to Santiago and looks on at new pathways to diversifying its business and creating new products licensing. Likewise, there are several projects in their agenda with other Galician and foreign firms collaborating and supporting each other when it comes to this type of research. Current undertakings include Horizonte 2020, Interconecta, Madame Curie and Conecta Peme.


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