Efimob, ready for the arrival of a new mobility

Surtidor de recarga eléctrica distribuido por Efimob

Everything points to the fact that the growth of the electric vehicle sector will be unstoppable in the coming years and the companies that have already managed to position themselves quickly in this area will have an important comparative advantage. This is the case of Efimob, a company located in Porto do Molle (Nigrán) that has consolidated under the BFA program, the initiative promoted by the Xunta (together with CEAGA, PSA Peugeot, Zona Franca de Vigo and Vigo Activo) for the development of companies related to the automotive industry.

Pedro Rodríguez (dcha), director de Efimob

Efimob was created in 2104 with the aim of solving the mobility needs of electric vehicles. Four years later the company is already working with clients from Spain and Portugal. Its flagship product is its own software for the management of the energy consumed by a set of electric vehicle chargers, but it has also taken on  the distribution of the chargers themselves and to consulting work for companies that have projects to develop in the sector. This year they expect to reach a turnover of close to two million euros.

Jacobo Eraso, Director of Operations of Efimob, points out that one of the strong points that the company has is that it has already positioned itself in a market that presents many possibilities but in which ignorance abounds.

Eraso points out that the electric vehicle market aims for exponential growth in the coming years. The Efimob Charge software allows the control of the access to the recharging hotspots, the monitoring and detection of faults, managing the payment system of the recharges and the creation of projects.

In this way, the company provides its clients with the follow-up of the entire process of implementation of the recharging networks, from the initial diagnosis to the signaling of the places, through the administrative processing and the installation of the recharging devices themselves.

Another product developed by the company is Efimob Fleet, which allows the tracking of an unlimited fleet of vehicles in real time.


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