Boardfy, the management of Big Data as a new business model

Lavin Luis (izda) y Fernando Gómez, fundadores de Boardfy

Boardfy is one of the companies that has catapulted themselves into the global market with new pricing tools to offer clients the possibility of reaching their potential customers in a much more efficient way and increasing their sales.

Fernando Gómez, CEO of Boardfy, explains that the idea of developing a project of this kind arose from his own work expertise at an e-commerce company. “We saw that there was a demand in the sector for this type of service and we decided to set up an independent company to develop the project,” he says.

The services offered by Boardfy allow their clients to permanently optimize the prices of the products they offer on their e-commerce platform, in addition to monitoring the competition and being aware of the changing market trends. “With our system you can improve sales by up to 30% and, in addition, you can achieve greater efficiency in advertising campaigns that are made through internet platforms,” says Gómez.

Despite the short business life of the company, just two years in, Boardfy already has clients in Spain, the United States and in different countries in Europe. The forecasts are to grow by 40 percent this year and continue with an international expansion that is almost mandatory in this type of business since the local market is pretty small.

The company has been involved in the acceleration program of Vía Galicia, an experience that Gómez considers “basic” for the company since it has allowed them to access some “luxury” consultants who advised them in a very accurate way about the decisions that had to be made to grow steadily “Via Galicia is a luxury that we have here and little by little it will generate a very important business ecosystem in this area. There is no other autonomous community in Spain that has such a  system, “concludes Gómez.


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