Mireiq, The 21st century design is here

Un dos deseños de Mireiq.

Mireiq has created a line of ladys purses, bags, suitcases and wallets that allows consumers to also become designers and change the appearance and even the type of item they wish to purchase.

Jorge Labandeira, creative director and founder of Mireiq, explains that they have developed a system that allows a consumer to create an online bag through a system of customized pieces, so that the appearance of the bag can be modified, customized and also converted into a backpack or bag or a small suitcase.

Un bolso de Mireiq.

The system has been patented and now the idea is to expand it to other items. With the same principles, Mireiq manufactures portfolios and has also started a furniture production line. “The idea is to continue advancing and producing very diverse items although first we must consolidate ourselves in the market of handbags and wallets,” says Labandeira.

The philosophy of Mireiq is to radically rethink the design of any wearable item in the future and place the user at the center of the experience. “We are not a simple brand of handbags, we have a different way of doing things and that is why we give all the items we create the ability to be versatile. We want to give our clients freedom and not end up being prisoners of the object they acquire “, explains Labandeira.

The company is in a process of acceleration within Conector, a start-up accelerator, which works mainly in Madrid and Barcelona but also supports some companies in Galicia and, in the case of Mireiq, has allowed them to get advice from business consultants as important as those from Inditex.

The project has also received the financial support of Afigal and they are currently looking for new sources of financing that will allow them to continue growing.


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