Coworking in the country

Javier Herranz (izda) y David Fraiz, creadores de CropDeal

David Fraiz and Javier Herranz have focused on the agricultural sector to apply formulas that have already become a success for the new economy. CropDeal aims to connect producers and agricultural wholesalers so that both parties can benefit from the advantages of technological innovation in the region.

Herranz, dedicated to the commercial part of the project, explains that the idea began to develop a year and a half ago when both partners saw the possibilities of applying these successful formulas to the primary sector, which have led these coworking companies in te country to become a force to be reckoned with in a very short time. “The final goal is that both, producers and agricultural companies can benefit from the work methods that have already been launched in other sectors”, says Herranz.

“The final goal is that producers and agricultural companies can benefit from the work methods that have already been launched in other sectors”

The CropDeal project consists of the creation of a B2B computing platform that allows producers and wholesalers to be connected, so that the former can sell their products through a bidding system. The objective is, on the one hand, to ensure that producers can obtain a better price and that buyers can benefit from a broader offer, but also aspires to build a kind of virtual market, in which both parties can benefit from greater mutual knowledge “It will be a kind of virtual MercaGalicia,” says Herranz.

The project is being developed to its full potential and the main target is to be operational in a period ranging from six months to a year. The idea is that producers and companies can access the platform free of charge, but a payment membership system will also be launched and will offer greater advantages to those who are part of it. Initially, the platform will work with raw materials, nevertheless, they do not rule out it can also include products which will come up at a later stage


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