Fish farm in Cabo Vilan
The aquaculture and biotech group of USC and the company QualDIMUS of UVigo encapsulate seniority and novelty in a very strategic industry for Galicia and namely, Spain
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Five companies have openly agreed terms with CosmetInnova to start production of cosmetics from mushrooms, olive oil, plants and albarino wine chaff from Galicia
Ocean acidification causing negative effects on mussels.
The climate change is mitigating the growth of bivalve larvae, unable to produce their shell due to low saturation of calcium carbonate in the oceans
Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture Research Group
USC in Compostela becomes a global benchmark regarding a new scientific breakthrough in bacteria communication blockade to stop the onset of infection and as an alternative to current antibiotics
Biotecnology as a degree is now outrunning other popular majors in the main 3 Galician universities.
What's sexy about an Advanced Biotechnology Master of Science in A Coruña and Vigo? Its demand has been skyrocketing in the different labor markets
iGrape use the antioxidants of the chaff of the grapes.
Galician scientists set up a new company, i-Grape to commercialise Albariño antioxidants with specific applications in the fields of Pharma, Veterinary and Cosmetics
Fragas do Eume in Galicia
The Galician bio technology sector, enpowered by the Cluster Company Bioga, is to strengthen its position within the Top 5 in Spain.
The University of Vigo has registered a research project to use shortfin mako and blue shark teeth for dental implants
Proceso atopado na USC da reacción do resto de aminoácido coa enzima.
The work of CIQUS has been highlighted as Spotlight by the Biochemical Journal, would enable the development of new antibiotics
Javier García Tobío, director do Cesga.
This giant thinking machine has been operational for 6 years