Monday 17 June 2024

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Alberto Quian

Netex: a digital educational and job training factory 

The Galician company has been at the forefront of international e-learning for 2 decades 

AR-K: a Graphic Indie Adventure from Galicia to the World

The developer Gato Salvaje Studio from A Coruña has distributed their game across all the legal download websites

An Application to Revamp Fairy Tales

Creappcuentos is aimed at children worldwide. It is an interactive educational tool developed in Galicia exclusively for tablets and iPads.

Computing and Language: An opportunity for a start-up company

Cilenis, a 'spin-off' of Santiago University, is meant to become a global benchmark in the application of language technologies

Expertise and Innovation to Strengthen the Leadership of Galician Aquaculture

The aquaculture and biotech group of USC and the company QualDIMUS of UVigo encapsulate seniority and novelty in a very strategic industry for Galicia and namely, Spain

Galician patent to fight pathogenic bacteria filed

USC in Compostela becomes a global benchmark regarding a new scientific breakthrough in bacteria communication blockade to stop the onset of infection and as an alternative to current antibiotics
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