Send2me: the smart mailbox that picks up packages for you

Send2Me team.
Send2Me team.

A bad experience with an anniversary gift ended up in the incorporation of a company. One Friday afternoon, when Toño Fraga was telling the anniversary anecdote to his classmates at the business school, the idea just popped up. How can we make sure that the order we have made will be delivered when we are home? And if there is an emergency and we have to leave home? Are we going to spoil our anniversary plans because of it?

This problem is faced not only by the recipients of online orders, but also by the logistics companies. It is estimated that 25% of deliveries, 1 out of 4, are not successful on the first attempt. An obstacle that harms the efficiency of these companies and their employees, in addition to increasing CO2 emissions by the extra trips that the delivery vehicles have to make.

And so Send2Me was born, the Toño Fraga project with Andrés García and Javier Nogueira. These three Galicians, with extensive expertise in the commercial, financial and IT sector, have marketed an intelligent mailbox for single-family homes, which is controlled by an ‘app’, in which the delivery companies can drop off packages when there is no one at home. And in addition, it is possible to make a refund or return the product, so that the company will pick them up, later, at any time.

“It’s the first smart mailbox for single-family homes in the market”, Toño Fraga says

“It’s the first smart mailbox for single-family homes in the market, and we ourselves have developed the ‘app’,” explains Toño Fraga. A very interesting tool for companies and consumers. “We all prefer to receive purchases in our mailbox, and not have to tell the neighbor to be waiting around for it, or drop it off somewhere else, or have to go to pick them up at the store 15 kilometers away from home, right?”, Says Fraga .

Send2me works with all the logistics companies in the market, which greatly facilitates its operation. They have already installed more than 30 mailboxes, especially in the outskirts of A Coruña and Vigo, and have signed an agreement with a DIY company and hardware store to sell their mailbox at a price of 225 euros.


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