Releyeble, the face is the mirror of the client

De esquerda a dereita, José Luis Alba, Manuel Ubeira e Elisardo González, impulsores de Releyeble.
De esquerda a dereita, José Luis Alba, Manuel Ubeira e Elisardo González, impulsores de Releyeble.

The saying is that the face is the mirror of the mind. Well known by the board of Releyeble, a company from Vigo which made the choice to base their business model off the analysis of facial emotions of clients and people alike who do generally window shopping and check the infomercial on giant led tv screens of the shopping centers around the country.

“We manufacture products which recognize, understand and interact with people”, explains Elisardo González, CEO of Releyeble. “We turn every single camera into a intelligent sensor with face recognition capabilities. This is the way we asses every person features including their gender, age, physical appearance, attentions and emotions  (sadness, surprise, disgust, angst, fear and happiness) so as to cross check their reactions against the informercials they’re watching or the store windows theyre looking at”.

Via image processing techniques which identify difference facial points one may get what we call an ‘anonymous client X-Ray‘. This allows us to identify target audience, that helps companies to target products and people depending upon how visually attractive an offer can be for people .

Releyeble is a spin-off from the university of Vigo, Spain, one of the main driving forces behind this project, José Luis Alba who works as a professor at the college department of Telecommunications.

Who benefits from this technology? Elisardo González aims at two main niche markets. On one side, the digital billboard industry, in which companies can assess their advertising impact and also develop an efficient interaction with their target audience. Within this field, Releyeble already works on a daily basis with company’s such as Poster Digital.

On another side, there’s a whole new world out there based on neuromarketing, which is linked to the audiovisual industry where advertisers can assess people reactions to video ad campaigns and pre-viewings. Companies like  Sociograph are part of Releyeble’s clients portfolio now


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