New vaccine to fight TB´s, The Brainchild of O Porriño

Biofabri está dedicada á fabricación de vacinas humanas
Biofabri está dedicada á fabricación de vacinas humanas
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More efficient than its predecessor the BGC –bacillus Calmette- Guérin, which in the early 20s of the past 20th century was the first vaccine at the Pasteur Institute against TB (tuberculosis)- is the brainchild of O Porriño and Zaragoza pharmaceutical companies. This is what MTVBAC will turn out to be, the name of an experimental vaccine against the Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the most common bacterium of the lung tuberculosis whose future is in the hands of the biopharmaceutical at O Porriño, Biofabri. So far this 1 century old vaccine has shown a 50% resistance in adults.

Patógenos causantes de la tuberculosis.
TB (tuberculosis).

The problems to protect the adult population from TB could be reduced considerably in a few years. Biofabri biopharma, a company with headquarters in O Porriño and a subsidiary of CZ Veterinary – the predecessor of Zeltia– funding the MTVBAC clinical trials with newborn babies in South Africa and together with the European initiative against Tuberculosis (TBVI). They will have the last word about whether the vaccine, the outcome of a long time research with the Group of Genetics of Microbacterias at the university of Zaragoza, will end up as the new protector against TB´s. The company from O Porriño will be likely responsible for the worldwide distribution of the future vaccine if research shows positive results.
The clinical trials have been ongoing for a month or so in Cape Town and are supposed to be one of the most ambitious projects of Biofabri and a milestone in this type of research worldwide. This company has been focused, since its inception in 2008 and as subsidiary of CZ Veterinary, on the manufacturing of medication and drugs for the healthcare system and has remained an integral part of a 100% Spanish corporation, C&B Group, this company has settled at Torneiros (O Porriño) since 2009. This company has a strong research team of 150 people.


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